A garden is always a work in progress, cultivated, tended and nursed into being.
A place adorned, a marriage of wild energy and the ordered mind.
A tapestry of light and colour, woven across seasons, a living creation of seeds and roots,
of hands and eyes, of earth and air.
A place set apart, planted and arranged, the naked earth clothed in the greens and blues of Spring,
Summer’s gold, the fires of Autumn.
Each flowered head rises and unfolds, traces the line of sun, gifts, it’s nectar and
draws onto the ground the pattern of its seed.
To suggest this ordered and living richness, the artist uses raw silks, dyed, stained and gilded,
light captured in transparent veils, hanging and drifting in the breathing air.
Aliveness and growth is present in the process of their making, their movement, the attention to detail,
the way light shifts across and through the fabric, shines off the splinters of gold and
reaches out into the spaces of their hanging.